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Vapor Emission Barriers

Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVT) is the movement of water vapor from high concentrations to lower concentrations as it attempts to reach equilibrium within its overall environment. When vapor pressure in the concrete is higher than the vapor pressure in the atmosphere, water or water vapor will attempt to migrate to the surface.

Moisture Vapor Transmission creates innumerable problems. MVT attacks impervious flooring, such as wood, vinyl, tile, carpet squares, urethane coatings and epoxy coatings, causing millions of dollars of damage every year throughout various facilities and construction projects.

You may have a Moisture Vapor Transmission problem if your flooring shows signs of disbondment, blistering, pin holes, chipping, or pitting.

R.P. Coatings is a factory-trained applicator for several of the largest suppliers of vapor control solutions. In conjunction with the product manufacturers, we provide up to ten-year warranties on installed vapor control products. All our MVT barrier products are installed properly, beginning with the floor preparation by bead blasting, up to installation of the product at the proper square footage, depending on the amount of moisture in the concrete.

R.P. Coatings will, if you so desire, test your floor for an MVT problem and advise you on available options. Our goal is to work with you to resolve any flooring problems you may have.