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Urethane Cements — The Best Solution to Long-Term Durability

When epoxy is not strong enough to protect against high abrasion/impact or extreme temperatures, our urethane mortars can protect like no other overlayment. Installed at 1/4 inch thick, this product can give your kitchen, plant or warehouse the most durable wear surface.

Our Urethane Cements offer the following benefits:

Great resistance to aggressive cleaning techniques – Live steam or hot water, aggressive detergents, and disinfectants do not affect urethane cements.

Permanent protection from thermal shock – Urethane cements are unaffected by freeze/thaw cycles. They withstand extreme temperature ranges and do not delaminate because of thermally induced stresses.

They resist the growth of bacteria and fungi and are consequently great for installation in food handling areas.

Urethane cements eliminate grout joints, making the floor virtually seamless. Thus they do not harbor dirt or bacteria, making for a cleaner and safer production environment.

The profile on these materials can be made non-skid and the material is virtually odor-free during the installation.

For the flooring industry, the future has arrived. Our urethane cements are absolutely the top of the line for floor protection.