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Leadership in Protective Coatings

Self Leveling Cements

R.P. Coatings has been a pioneer in the field of self-leveling products. R.P. Coatings was the first approved Ardex installer in Northern California over thirty years ago. We have outstanding and long relationships with Ardex, Mapei, Raeco, and other leaders in the manufacturing of self-leveling underlayments and overlayments.

The products used by R.P. Coatings are ideal to use as underlayments for tile and hardwood floors. They can be used as traffic-bearing overlayments and are perfect for quick repair of aisle ways and warehouses.

As an innovator in the use of these products, R.P. Coatings has learned to install these self-leveling materials quickly, efficiently and economically. We have installed thousands and thousands of square feet of these products in industrial sites, schools, restaurants, office lobbies, manufacturing plants, television studios, hospital operating rooms, and many other places.

If you have a requirement to level a floor to a true 1/8 inch variance in 10 feet, R.P. Coatings is the company to call. If you need a floor leveled or overlayed quickly with minimum downtime, let R.P. Coatings show you how today.